Wondershare Mockkit – Create prototype sketches for your apps and websites

What is Wondershare Mockkit? It is an online product prototyping and collaboration platform. The online tool offers you create a prototype sketch for your applications and websites, which evaluates the new design and improves the modification of the existing one. It is the best prototype tool for those who would like create an application and spend less time understanding the basics. Wondershare Mockkit tool is elegant software intended for beginners, novices and casual users. Anyone with this online tool can learn how to make prototypes, regardless of their skill level, and the end results are fantastic. It contains everything you need to create high-end sketches for your applications, which you can observe in real time.

Start a new project

the Easy mode allows you to easily create your own project using Verity templates or you can even create your own custom template. Just click on Create a new project, select a template, and you’re good to go. the Full mode Present once your project has been created, it comes with a full workspace loaded with all the features available. also now i will go ahead and tell you about the Features of Wondershare Mockkit.

Features of Wondershare Mockkit


What is PROTOTYPING? it is an early model built to test a concept or a basis for future models. It allows us to evaluate new designs or improve changes to existing ones.Wondershare Mockkit - Create prototype sketches for your apps and websites

Prototyping is used to provide specifications for new working systems rather than a few radical systems. In the end, prototyping saves a lot of money because it helps reduce unnecessary production costs.

By using user feedback on a prototype, the project can be optimized in development priority.

as mentioned earlier, the Wondershare Mockitt Tool applies interactive and animated prototype design, and you can also easily design prototypes that illustrate your ideas and enhance your customers’ experience.

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It is one of the best tools that come with Libraries Full of assets and models.

The Wondershare Mockkit tool asset library helps individuals and teams embark on a truly effective design journey. Meanwhile, if you are a beginner, Wondershare Mockkit won’t get bored because learning how to get started is an easy task. It comes with a clean interface and all the basic tools are visible in the main interface. You can enjoy comfortable assets for free, you can also make prototypes even with the Zero Design experience

It extends you to Manage your resource library. You can prototype faster using Mockitt’s libraries packed with resources and built-in user interface templates. This allows you to create and reuse your own libraries to bring customization to your workflow.


Wondershare Mockkit - Create prototype sketches for your apps and websitesAs stated above, this is one of the best tool that comes with tons of features. So it clearly eliminates all opposition, it offers you to do real-time collaboration with your teammates on the same page to upgrade the edit to the next level.

Having transparent communications can lead to collaborative visualization and synchronization of project information. It provides you with a clean working process. Work on the same page as a team and see in real time the changes made by your teammates.

  1. Efficient presentation and review

Good design speaks for itself, allowing for smooth and efficient communication.

Presentation modes at the edge of the device and in full screen

With this next-level tool, frame your prototype with the device’s shell to simulate a true interactive experience; you can also use the full screen black and white demo mode to showcase your proposition.

Share with others at the touch of a button

Having a registered trademark gives you great functionality. By sharing a link or QR code, others can also view your prototype on a computer or mobile phone; sharing permissions and passwords can also be set.

Get feedback online

As long as the other party is a member of the company, they can comment on the prototype. Collecting feedback is that easy.

Offline demonstration

Download the HTML / PNG / APK demo package with one click, and you can enjoy the demo smoothly in offline mode without worrying about Wi-Fi connectivity.

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