Transition to the digital world

As new technologies and software are developed that allow businesses to transition online, we see entire industries starting to find their digital footing. What started as a platform for technology and online shopping has become a sphere where any business can find their successful business through online interaction. At the heart of this digital transition are software development companies like intellias, which offer new technologies and solutions to transition problems.

This process of bringing entire industries online can be done through a simple but effective creation process software development solutions. These solutions allow the inclusion of new devices in the Internet of Things (IoT), which will create new avenues for industrial solutions. Where there was once no solution to a harvest time problem, tractors are now included with a network connection that lets them know for themselves when to harvest a crop.

New software and technologies have enabled industries like agriculture to thrive and produce.

What is the Internet of Things?

It is the network of devices around the world that can connect to the Internet and record data. Any device with this capability is part of the global IoT. There is a wide range of network sizes ranging from the global network to a company’s personal network. Having a personal IoT network allows you to keep all of your devices organized and work together.

A good example of an IoT network would be a modern smart kitchen. Having every device in the kitchen with the ability to access the Internet and record data allows you to manage a fluid and efficient kitchen. Devices can connect to each other and share data that will allow you to get the most out of the products you have and prevent wasted food from rotting.

Industries in brief

Tech companies continued to develop new software for industries around the world. Below are some of the industries that have the greatest demand for new technologies and software as they are at the peak of their digital transition.

Retail – One of the biggest online industries is e-commerce and online shopping. Billions of dollars are traded every day as people begin to depend on the online retail industry. New technologies and software are constantly being developed, which allows this process to proceed smoothly with sufficient security.

Agriculture – As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the demand for food. Many farms are struggling to meet this demand and are falling behind. With software and devices on the IoT, the ability to produce more food is now in the hands of farmers.

FinTech – Banks and financial institutions find themselves in transition to the digital world as customer demand for easier access increases. With this transition comes the need for security within their products. Tech companies are constantly creating new apps and software to protect your money, while implementing the online transition.

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