Signal VS Whatsapp: which one to choose?

When it comes to discussing something with our friends, a huge arsenal of messaging apps is available. With hundreds of messaging apps available, it becomes quite difficult to find the best one. Whatsapp and Signal are one of the most used and used applications of all time.

Both apps offer end-to-end encryption when communicating, but which one is best and which you should consider for your social networks? So let’s take a look at an in-depth comparison of Whatsapp and Signal and decide which one might be the right choice for you.

An in-depth comparison between Whatsapp and Signal

1. Popularity and user base

When we talk about popularity and the user base, WhatsApp at the top of the graph. Whatsapp has more than two billion users worldwide. In most parts of the world, Whatsapp is the messaging application widely used by people to share their thoughts and messages with their friends.

On the contrary, Signal has less popularity compared to Whatsapp. It has more than two million users worldwide. Signal is known for its end-to-end technology and encryption. Although it has the potential to grow, but nevertheless, it is far from its competitors and it would be a big challenge for Signal to steal users from its competitors.

2. Compatibility

Whatsapp is available and works perfectly on most devices, including Android, iOS and Windows. It has a web platform that you can use directly from your browser. All communications and messages are available cross-platform.

For example, if you sent a message to the desktop, you can also select it and continue communication on your phone.

On the contrary, Signal also has cross-platform availability and works perfectly on devices like Android, iOS and Windows. It does not have a web platform. The best part and the only difference that resides in the two applications is the language support. Signal supports more than seven different languages ​​for communication.

3. Security and confidentiality


In 2016, Facebook took over Whatsapp and after having obtained the property rights, they modified their privacy policy which allows sharing of Whatsapp data on Facebook. There is still a myth that Facebook needs Whatsapp data and how Whatsapp data is used for them, which really puts our security and privacy at risk.

On the contrary, Signal has a strict policy regarding the security of user data. As it is an open source application, anyone can check its underlying code to ensure security and confidentiality. And it has the best security and privacy standards.

Recently, the European Commission also advised its members to switch to Signal which leaves no doubt in our minds as to its security and confidentiality.

4. Multimedia support and features

With Whatsapp, you can share photos, videos, audio files and contacts with your friends. It even allows you to make voice and video calls. When we talk about groups, you can add more than 256 users and recently they even added support for group video calls.

Like WhatsApp, Signal also allows you to make voice and video calls. In addition, it also allows you to share files such as photos, videos and audio recordings with your friends. Unlike Whatsapp, they have fun stickers that can only be seen by the sender and the recipient.

It even allows you to create your own stickers.

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Which might be the right option for you?

The two applications we discussed here have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you ask me, I would say you should opt for Whatsapp, in case you want more features, while you can opt for Signal, in case you want complete data security.

So that was our opinion on these apps. You can just use them both and choose the one that seems best to you. If you find our article useful, share it with your friends.

Have you just had a fun experience with these applications? Don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comment section below.

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