Powerful AAX to MP3 converters: Enjoy your audiobooks with ease

Every book lover will surely agree if asked that stories, both fictional and true to life can relieve boredom and of course can serve as a hobby. Those who love books are really lucky.

Well, technological advances have not only helped the improvement of devices, gadgets or devices, but have made everything much easier than before. Do you even know that you can make these stories read in books from audio books?

You read correctly! Audio books are now easily accessible to everyone! Next question, are you looking for audiobooks The AAX to MP3 converters?

In order for anyone to access and listen to audiobooks, it is of course necessary to record them and keep them in devices. However, there are incompatibility issues that make it difficult for people to just stream audio books at any time. Well, for people who subscribe to online audio book sites like Audible.com, listening to any type of story is not a problem.

But what if you can’t afford to pay the premium required to access all the audio books you want and even download them through an app (because free users aren’t allowed to do this? ). Definitely, one thing you should do is look for the list of tools that you can use to convert your AAX files to MP3 format.

Part 1: An overview: AAX and MP3 audio file formats

If you have known audio books for a long time, you should now know that they are contained in the AAX file format. Because files in AAX audio format are generally not playable on many devices, people tend to look for alternatives on how these AAX items are transformed into another most widely used format like MP3. This could be a challenge for people who do not know how the job can be done.

Before we start with the possible ways to fix this problem immediately, we should all have an overview between the two file formats to be discussed in this post starting with the AAX format.

Files in AAX format or with the extension .aax at the end of its name are audio book elements. This audio format is known to be associated with something called the Audible Enhanced Audio Book which is also created by a team of Audible people.

The mentioned file format is used to present audio books containing photos or images, videos or even related links. Audiobooks can be played in many gadgets such as Apple devices and applications like iTunes, Zen, etc.

However, there are still a number of media players that are unable to handle them. This has proven to be one of the reasons why people should look for alternatives or options so that all audio books are easily accessible to listeners. Thus, making them think of converting AAX to MP3 thanks to the tools available.

The MP3 audio format, on the other hand, is the best known and most used of all. I bet everyone will agree. This is widely used due to its ability to be played in any media or music player. This format is used to respond to any type of audio and music. This was introduced in 1992 and with a quality known to be the same as the audio tracks you can find in CDs, but in a much smaller or smaller size. Because of the incredible features, it actually dominated other formats that were too popular at the time – WAV and MIDI.

The above information on both file formats will surely come in handy as you read. Now let’s start the introduction of AAX to MP3 converters which should be known to all audiobook enthusiasts.

Part 2: the most powerful AAX to MP3 converter

As audio books became popular in the reading and listening industry, converters also appeared. In fact, the web responds to all the suggestions you can think of. You can enter all the details and the web will give you an answer in just a fraction of a second after clicking the “Enter” button. But which of these is the most powerful and the best?

Converting AAX to MP3 has been made more efficient with several tools. And, the most reliable of all The AAX to MP3 converters is it DumpMedia Apple Music Converter. How did we say it? The answer is simple. The incredible advantages of this tool over others have made it stand out.

Benefits of DumpMedia Apple Music Converter you can take advantage of

Here are the features of the mentioned converter.

  • DRM protection is not a problem
  • You covered all file formats
  • AA / AAX conversion is absolutely possible
  • High speed and conversion quality

Now let us discuss each in detail.

DRM protection is not a problem

DRM protected items cannot be easily downloaded and saved to any device. Protection continues to block an individual from doing so. Unfortunately, many contexts such as Apple music songs, Spotify songs and even audio books have this protection, which makes it very difficult for people to download. With DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, this is no longer a problem as it can be removed during the conversion and download process.

You have covered many file formats

If you think about the problem of file formats, well, it’s already solved. You can view the full list of formats supported by DumpMedia Apple Music Converter by easily accessing its official website. Rest assured that you are covered here and that you have absolutely nothing to fear or think.

AA / AAX conversion is absolutely possible

Of course, one of the main features of the tool is to convert your AA or AAX audio book files to any desired (supported) formats such as most used, MP3. Customization of exit details in addition to the conversion process can also be done. Not only that, but M4B is also supported.

High speed and conversion quality

Most people, when they find a converter they can use, care about the speed and quality of the output. If you decide to use DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, you can be assured that the conversion rate and speed are much faster than many others. It can actually operate 16 times faster than the others. Are you discussing the quality of the end result? Well, this is not endangered too! The quality is also excellent.

Looking for the list of necessary items?

The elements necessary to download and install the application are just a few. The tool is highly compatible with Mac and Windows personal computers with specific versions required. It is necessary to respect the capacity of the RAM and the size of the monitor to continue.

Now that we have learned a lot of information about DumpMedia Apple Music Converter, I bet you realize that at this point there is still something missing? Yes! The guide and procedure on how the tool can be fully used has not yet been discussed.

Of course, we always support you. In the following sections, you will know the method. So what are you waiting for? Do not keep your eyes on the next passages.

Reference Guide: the steps in detail

The list below shows what is required for a successful conversion and download of audiobooks in just a few minutes.

  1. In the main interface, select the audio book to convert.
  2. Do all the customization and choose MP3 as the output format.
  3. Complete while checking “Convert”.

Step 1. In the main interface, select the audio book to convert

The first step is of course to import your audiobooks into the software application. You can download by adding them or dragging and dropping them (a much easier way). If you are looking for not only one, but a number of audio books to transform, this is also possible. You can do this in this converter.

Powerful AAX to MP3 converters: Enjoy your audiobooks with ease

Step 2. Do all the customization and choose MP3 as the output format

Once the audio books are easily imported, you can choose MP3 as the resulting format under the option saying “Output format”. The folder on your personal computer (where the converted audiobooks will be saved) can also be defined in this step. You can fill in the details in the “Exit path” menu. Other options, such as sample rates and bit rates, can also be set.

Powerful AAX to MP3 converters: Enjoy your audiobooks with ease

Step 3. Complete while checking “Convert”

Finally, the “Convert” button at the bottom of the page should be clicked.

Powerful AAX to MP3 converters: Enjoy your audiobooks with ease

DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is amazing, isn’t it? Why not have downloaded and installed it now? Or, while reading, are you still looking for other options? Well, you might be interested below if this is the case.

Part 3: Convertio – Free online AAX to MP3 converter

Yes, online AAX to MP3 converters are also in the running. Keep in mind that you only need a WiFi or Internet connection to continue. What is an example of the tool and the procedure to be undertaken?

It’s here.

  1. Open your computer, access your browser and search for the official “Convertio” site. You can use your Windows or Mac computer.
  2. When you’ve already arrived at the main page, you’ll immediately see a bar asking where the audio book will come from – from your personal computer, from online storage platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox, or just a link. You must choose one from here and download.
  3. Make sure that the input and output formats displayed on the screen will be AAX for input and MP3 for output. If it is not set by default, make the change manually.
  4. You will also notice the “Convert” button in the interface. The only thing necessary to continue is to check it and wait for the end.

Online tools such as Convertio can also be seen as a conversion option. However, you should take note that, since these are free and accessible at all times and online, limitations and potential drawbacks may be present.

Well if your only goal is to transform audio books, it’s not a bad alternative, I guess.

Part 4: Aiseesoft screen recorder – Save audio books with recording

There is another way to keep the audio books you like. You would not need converters here, you only need a tool capable of having audio books.

  1. Read the audio book you want to keep on your personal computer.
  2. Have Aiseesoft screen recorder installed on your computer and open it to run it. It has the ability to make screen recordings and of course audio recordings.
  3. Now launch and play the audio books on your computer.
  4. Press the record button to start. You need to make sure that the system audio has been turned on properly while the microphone audio has been turned off. This must be done in order to obtain the best possible quality.
  5. Once done, you can check the “Stop” button and indicate MP3 as the output file before saving. When finished, click “OK”.

Part 5: To conclude

In the end, DumpMedia Apple Music Converter is still the most powerful AAX to MP3 converter of all. You can try options online like Convertio, but you still need to know that there are limits. Loggers are also alternatives. It is up to you to decide if you are also trying to use them.

What can you say about this article? Do you have other recommendations in mind that you want to share with other blog readers? Your comments in the section below will be greatly appreciated!

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