How much does it cost to make a yoga app

Are you passionate about yoga? Do you want to start your own yoga business? Now is the perfect time to start your own yoga business. With Coronavirus locking, most people are in home quarantine. While staying indoors is the best option right now, it also has some drawbacks,

  • People are bored.
  • They are in a constant panic because of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Bickering, quarreling and fighting constantly.
  • Lack of personal space drives people crazy.
  • People gain weight.
  • And all of these things weigh on their mental health.

Well, the solution to all of the above problems is “YOGA”.

And if you think, it is only practiced in India and you are wrong. About 80 billion people around the world practice yoga. Yoga has multiple benefits,

  • In addition, yoga is the best exercise for your mind and body.
  • Yoga keeps you fit and healthy.
  • Special breathing exercises in yoga help keep your respiratory system healthy, that is, fight the coronavirus.
  • Yoga brings you mental peace.

“Yoga a day keeps quarantine issues away.”

These are all the benefits of yoga. The list of benefits of yoga is enough to encourage even a non-yoga enthusiast to start practicing yoga.

How to start your own yoga business during quarantine?

Well, the answer is simple; you can’t go to people’s homes to do yoga during their forties. But you can teach them from your own home with the help of technology. You can create your own videos and upload them to social media for people to follow. Or if you want to go all the way, the best approach is to do a yoga app. Making the application is very simple these days. You can hire professionals to make a request for you. With this app, you can easily teach yoga during your forties, as well as start your own yoga business.

Cost to apply for yoga:

You must approach a technical partner or an application developer to create a yoga application. The cost of development will depend entirely on the features you need in the application. Each feature will have a specific cost configuration. Be sure to select innovative and unique features to make your application stand out. The success of the yoga application will depend entirely on its features, ease of use and compatibility. We will now discuss each important feature and the cost of the feature to determine the total cost of your application.

Establishment of technical foundations

It is the first step or basic functionality of any application. The minimum number of hours required to build it is 6 hours and the maximum hours is 10.


This is done to get users used to the application. It helps convert a first user into a permanent user. Minimum hours = 8; Maximum hours = 12.

Registration flow

It includes the entire registration process. Each application needs a registration page. The registration flow is further divided into three functionalities. Minimum hours = 44; Maximum hours = 54.

  • Personal data: This functionality is necessary to record personal information. Minimum hours = 14; Maximum hours = 18.
  • Social registration: With this feature, users can register using their social accounts like Google account and Facebook account. Minimum hours = 20; Maximum hours = 24.
  • Forgot your password: This feature helps the user to generate a new password in case he has forgotten the old one. Minimum hours = 10; Maximum hours 12.

Management flow

The functionality helps the user to manage their own profile on the application. There are various other options included in this feature. Minimum hours = 88; Maximum hour 110.

  • Training schedule: This helps the training program. Minimum hours = 20; Maximum hours = 26.
  • Training history: It helps to know your entire training history from the start. Minimum hours = 18; Maximum hours = 24.
  • Dashboard: You can find your entire yoga record on the dashboard. This is one of the most important features of an application. Minimum hours = 50; Maximum hours = 60.

Session flow

This is the main feature of a yoga app. Here, users can access the yoga session videos online. This feature has several other options. Minimum hours = 56; Maximum hours = 66.

  • Food: Diet is part of the yoga session flow. Here you will get all the latest downloads on the app. Minimum hours = 30; Maximum hours = 36.
  • Video collections: In this option you will be able to see all collections of yoga videos. Minimum hours = 24; Maximum hours = 30.
  • See the video: In this option, you can actually watch the video. Minimum hours = 48; Maximum hours = 50.
  • Save training: This function helps you to record your training. Minimum hours = 16; Maximum hours = 20.
  • Recorded training screen: This function helps you to view all the saved workouts. Minimum hours = 18; Maximum hours = 24.

Search feed

This is the search function where you can type and search for anything on the app. It contains two other options. Minimum hours = 42; Maximum hours = 52.

  • Collections: It allows you to see the entire collection of research items. Minimum hours = 30; Maximum hours = 36.
  • Filters: Using can you can apply the filter to your search. Minimum hours = 12; Maximum hours = 16.

Push notifications

It is used to send a notification to users to use the application. Minimum hours = 24; Maximum hours = 30.

These are all the other additional features needed on the app. Minimum hours = 176; Maximum hours = 210.

  • Blog: All important yoga related blogs can be viewed and viewed here. Minimum hours = 54; Maximum hours = 60.
  • Event announcements: Announcements of important events on the app are displayed here. Minimum hours = 12; Maximum hours = 16.
  • eStore: It helps users to buy steep yoga online. Minimum hours = 70; Maximum hours = 84.
  • Chat with a coach: Users can chat with a professional here for advice. Minimum hours = 40; Maximum hours = 50.

These are all essential features for a yoga application. Information on the minimum and maximum hours required to develop each feature is also given above. The average application development rate is $ 40 per hour.

  • Total hours: Minimum = 442; Maximum = 544
  • Total cost: Minimum = 442 X $ 40 = $ 17,680 and Maximum = 544 X $ 40 = $ 21,760.


So a total cost to do a yoga app is approximately between $ 17,680 to $ 21,760. It will include basic and extra-special features. And if you only want basic functionality, it will cost you around $ 10,000 to $ 14,000 about. Now it’s up to you to decide what type of application you want. In today’s competitive world, it’s better to spend a little more to get special features. This will make your app better and popular.

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