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An essay is one of the most creative works you can be asked to do independently. It is important to know how to compose it correctly, choose a subject and avoid a lot of mistakes. Therefore, in this article we will examine the structure of the essay and the ways of expressing our thoughts on paper in a clear and competent manner.

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Selection of subjects

Usually the teacher provides a list of topics from which the student can choose. But if your subject is completely free, think about the audience to which you will present your work. And it can be very different, from the training commission to the potential employer.

If your essay is created for the report to the teacher, then you need to understand what aspects will be assessed by him. Already on this basis, the subject must be chosen with the ability to show the qualities that must be demonstrated. Therefore, pay attention to the uniqueness of the point of view, the ability to form beautiful sentences, spelling, competence in a particular problem, etc.

It is important that the subject attracts you personally, because the audience almost always feels that the narrator is passionate about his work. It is advisable to have knowledge on this subject in order to be able to answer a sudden question from the audience.

If your work will be presented to the employer, then the subject should correspond to the future profession. This should show you as an original, sincere and intelligent person who has his own character and reflects positive qualities.

Why it’s worth paying to give it a try

Sometimes the proposed topic may seem absolutely boring or useful to a student. Its completion requires an enormous amount of time, which could be devoted to other important missions or jobs. Therefore, in this case, it is absolutely normal pay to give it a try. Professionals will do everything perfectly.

Introductory part

Often the hardest thing in any business is getting started. Since the introduction is the first thing a person sees, you have to be very careful with it. If you have a bad introduction, the reader may stop reading it at the very beginning. To prevent this from happening, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Immediately discover the idea, the purpose, the sources of information. When you have a certain working skeleton, writing will be much easier.
  2. Enjoy free writing. This involves writing down all the thoughts that visit the head, without modification, observing the rules of grammar and other things. After you’ve written it all, read it again, reread the most interesting thoughts and keep writing.
  3. You can start writing from any part of the essay and offer an introduction when the main idea of ​​your work is already clear.


It should be mentioned that the plan is not necessary for a test. As mentioned earlier, a trial is a very free job. If everything is already clear to you, then the plan can be omitted. However, if you have definitely decided that it is easier for you to work if everything is systematized, you can devote time and effort to create it.

First, you should suggest paragraphs and sub-paragraphs. Reflect the main thoughts in them. After that, make sure all the elements are in place, according to the story and the structure of the work.

Main part

He carries different positions and points of view, touches the question itself, its essence, etc. The main thing here is not to be afraid to discuss. Your main goal is to prove your point. The arguments can cite various situations from life, research, opinions, positions of others, etc. This will convince the reader that your point of view carries logic and truth.

Conclusion of a test

The conclusion sums up everything you said earlier. You bring the reader to the logical end, explain all the positions, answer the possible questions asked throughout the story. You say the problem again, but this time you also solve it, drawing a logical conclusion. The goal of the conclusion is integrity, the unification of the three parts. The conclusion clearly shows that the issue you have raised is being resolved.

The most common mistakes when writing an essay

Informed is forearm. We will talk about the most common mistakes and help to avoid them.


Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts. Be open to the public and speak as you think. The fear of being misunderstood pushes the author to delete everything which, in his opinion, is superfluous and distinguishes it from others. Due to this position, the work loses its originality.

Lack of argument

Your statements can be very intelligible and convincing. But still, you need to support them with a few arguments, give examples and provide evidence.

Incorrect problem definition

Sometimes you find a problem, but don’t fully understand it. Or your subject may be different from the question asked.


The biggest advantage of the test is the almost total freedom. You can allow yourself to reflect, to ignite your imagination, to open your soul on a paper. It is in your power to raise any question or problem, to share your point of view and your position.

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