Five places to use a speech converter

While you may not be venturing anywhere anytime soon, it never hurts to do your research! The world is vast and you can find yourself in all kinds of nooks and crannies around the world. You can also find yourself in all kinds of places where you can use an online text to speech converter. Let’s see some places where you could use such a thing.

Where you don’t know the language

A online speech synthesis converter is practical in a very obvious place: on vacation. You are in another country (or maybe in a store or a neighborhood) and you meet a person who does not speak your mother tongue. Take out this speech converter and you will have a smooth conversation (er, well, easier than before). Price haggling is much easier, right?

With staff or colleagues

Moving to a large metropolitan area or to a region with a different demography may mean that you are surrounded by new people. New people who could speak a different language from yours. If your colleagues or staff speak a different language from yours, try using an online text-to-speech translator. This should fix any communication issues and you might even start learning their language, earning bonus points.

Social media and the Internet

Online text-to-speech services are available to you, whatever your purpose. Social media is probably one of the uses. You have a message to say but you hate your voice! You can find an online text-to-speech provider to make your social media look and sound professional.

Instructional videos can be a great way to smoothly market your product. You can also market your prized product directly by converting your product description to speech in seconds. Post these videos on your social networks so all your followers know what’s going on!


Game developers always need sounds, narration, or voices for characters to accompany animated sounds. If you’ve developed a game and it’s missing something, it’s probably a story or a character’s voice! It’s a simple solution with so many generated voices available in many different accents.

Prototype designs for mobile applications

Mobile apps sometimes require voice skills to navigate their users. Use a text-to-speech service to implement voice in your prototype, before hiring directly. This audio file can then be sent to your voice actor so that he can listen to your prototype model and know exactly what you are looking for.

Where would you use speech converters

The limit to which text-to-speech could be useful does not exist. From trips to daily activities to the Internet, anyone can benefit from services like this! Once it is safe, we will be ready to venture into unexplored territory using technological voice services. But until then, we’ll just keep researching.

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