Best Mac cleaners in 2020: the best free and paid apps

Are you experiencing a lag on your Mac? Or are you just concerned about your privacy? If yes, then you definitely need a Mac cleaner. Cleaning up your Mac can really take a long time, imagine going to each of the browsers you just use to delete the browsing history, or going to each of your folders, we have described here the best Mac cleaner that you could choose.

Since it has proven the convenience and ease of use of cleaners, whether on Mac, Windows or even your devices such as phones or tablets, many developers have joined the market.

They develop user-friendly applications and the more features or the more you can do in a single application, the better, the cleaners are generally effective and efficient because it saves you time, money and effort. and these applications are so smart that they can scan your Mac for you.

Part 1: What is a Mac cleaner?

A cleaner is software developed to help users clean up unwanted and unnecessary items on their computers or devices. It’s like an artificial intelligence that scans your machine and automatically identifies the items you need to get rid of.

Its main objective is to free up space On your Mac to optimize its performance such as speed, it also helps you protect your privacy by helping you delete your browsing history, cache, saved passwords and extensions.

But be very careful in selecting a cleaner, as some are deceptive applications that are hidden by a Mac cleaner, but it records your confidential information, tracks the sites you browse, and records your location so you can sell it to advertisers.

Part 2: Common Questions About Using a Mac Cleaner

Are they safe to use and legitimate?

Yes, most Mac cleaners available in the market are generally safe to use. But be very careful in selecting a cleaner, since some are deceptive applications hidden by a Mac cleaner.

These deceptive cleaning apps record your confidential information, track the sites you browse, and record your location so you can sell it to advertisers.

It is therefore better to verify its legitimacy before installing it.

Bonus Tip: Warning Signs The Cleaner Is Not Legitimate

  • Frequently warns you that your Mac is infected
  • Fake alerts that it has detected malware on your Mac
  • After scanning, it gives you tons of detected viruses
  • Leading you to a page where you need to buy an antivirus

Will he recommend deleting an important document?

Mostly no, cleaners will simply recommend that you delete these types of files that are considered garbage on your Mac, like junk files they consider non-essential to always be saved on your Mac and consume storage

Can it remove malware?

Yes and no, but it can prevent malware on your Mac by keeping it clean. Yes, because some cleaners have additional functionality that can remove malware and viruses

Not because some focus only on cleaning and free up storage space on your Mac.

Part 2: Best Free and Paid Mac Cleaners

We understand that due to popular demand, there are many Mac cleaners on the market today and you might be confused as to which one to choose for your Mac, of course, who doesn’t want the best for your Mac, is not it? Here is the list we have prepared for you.

iMyMac Mac Cleaner

On our list, we have ranked iMyMac Mac Cleaner as the number one Mac cleaner because it is like a one-stop cleaner for your Mac.

Not only does it have many additional features that you can take advantage of, but it’s also very easy to use, you can even ask your five-year-old to clean your Mac for you using this tool.

Features and benefits:

  • It is safe and efficient to use because it is legitimate software
  • Clean up all types of junk files on your Mac such as system junk files, iTunes junk files, junk files and trash files
  • Added functionality like duplicate file finder which shows you the files you have that are duplicate so you can get rid of unnecessary
  • It also has a similar image finder in which it scans your photo library and identifies photos that look identical so you can get rid of them and leave more room for incoming photos for your adventures
  • One of its great features is privacy, this is where you can clean up your browsing history in all your browsers, including its cache and cookies
  • The uninstall function allows you to uninstall an application with its associated folders, connection history and associated media

Not only does it have a lot of additional features that you can use and take advantage of using iMyMac Mac Cleaner, but it also offers you 500 MB free to clean your Mac. By using iMyMac Mac Cleaner, you can take advantage of the features of a paid application without spending anything.

Best Mac cleaners in 2020: the best free and paid apps


Onyx is a cleaning arrangement created by Titanium programming. It only weighs 5MB, but that doesn’t mean its capabilities are limited and one of the best cleaners available for free.

It is a multifunctional utility that you can use to confirm the boot disk and also the structure of system files to handle some maintenance and cleaning workload.

You can organize the settings in the Dock, Finder, Safari and part of the Apple applications, to clear the cache files, to evict certain difficult organizers and records, to reorganize different databases and files.

With it, you can look in your macOS engine and you can assign tasks automatically, it can also free up space. You can even change the hue of organizers on your Mac and even make them undetectable.

MacBooster 7

It is a maintenance tool created by IOBit. It was first published in October 2013 when OIBit changed its name on its current Advanced MacCare element to MacBooster 1.0. It’s been a long time, and their current version is MacBooster 7.

MacBooster is available as a free, fully functional 14-day preview and from that point on, you must make a purchase before you can use it.

If you prefer not to use it after a 14-day free trial, you can uninstall MacBooster easily and without problems.

Features and benefits:

  • It allows you to delete up to 20 different types of waste at the same time
  • Can certainly help you with malware threats as it has a malware scanner
  • Other standard benefits like the Large Files Finder, Browser Cleaner and System Display which can show you your available storage, the number of files in the recycle bin and the speed of your network connection

Daisy disc

DaisyDisk talks externally about your hard drive as a graph. This makes locating and finding large documents extremely simple; once discovered, you drag them to the capture at the base of the interface to gather the records, suitable for being erased.

It doesn’t have a lot of features unlike the others, but it does serve to clean up certain files on your Mac and save space and it can be one of the best best free Mac cleaners.

It also displays the file by size, so you have to do the navigation manually, as you can delete some important files which are in the big file it showed.

Best Mac cleaners in 2020: the best free and paid apps

Smart Mac Care

Capitalizing on your Mac is more annoying than it should be, luckily there are lots of intended uses that allow you to do just that.

Smart Mac Care, it was created by the company Systweak which is based in India and which has been doing business since 1999 and which has been programming MacOS since 2012. Smart Mac Care is generally one of the new applications, the manufacturers Systweak have Already made other Mac improvements.

Smart Mac Care can remove malware and spyware as well as tidy up your apps and free up storage space.

There is a free form of Smart Mac Care accessible despite the fact that it is limited, anyway all purchases come with a big unconditional promise of 60 days.

Features and benefits:

  • It has browser protection that supports all the browsers you use to alert you if there is malware or spyware on the page you are browsing.
  • Like any other cleaner, it has a disk usage report that lets you see the size of the file folder you have
  • It can also eliminate other languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat you don’t use to save space on your Mac
  • A memory optimizer that shows you how much memory you have used and how much you have left on your Mac


CCleaner can delete unused or repetitive recordings, fix some errors, and improve programming to speed up your Mac and keep you protected. It is the most widely used free PC optimization program in the world and in light of current circumstances, created by Piriform in 2004.

Essentially select a reader to review it, and CCleaner will give you how much space you can save and what changes it can make. Choose which items to remove or repair and the product will end.

CCleaner also displays a library cleaner to clear away unused files and bad errors that could be bothering your Mac, in addition to a secure document shredder to delete personal information.

Best Mac cleaners in 2020: the best free and paid apps

Features and benefits:

  • It has a function that you can use in the Cloud
  • Instant notifications if you switch to a paid app
  • Clean browsers, applications and system files

Drive Genius

Commits to keeping your PC running smoothly while ensuring that you don’t lose important information.

The application joins virus detection, information rehabilitation, cleaning and duplicates. The DrivePulse module continually filters problems before they become a problem.

That’s a ton of significant value for $ 79. Gradually expensive plans are available to experts for $ 299, although they have made available a lightweight edition that you can use for free.

In case you are using your Mac to work or save important data, at this point it is worth every penny. The assortment of instruments he gives is more extensive than any of his rivals.

In any case, in case you are an easy going Mac client, there are free utilities that give a rehabilitation of basic information.

Features and benefits:

  • It is software that can monitor your Mac, it has advanced features that can diagnose your drive
  • Malware scanner, icon customization and it can locate certain irregularities on your system
  • A cleaner that lets you free up space on your Mac and even optimize it


As stated by Oskar Growth, the developer of the application, it is an application that alternates programming and device, which includes a greater number of features than other applications of the Mac classification, probably one of the best Mac cleaners.

Its strong points are the cleaning of the disk of your Mac, the program of uninstallation of the applications, the evaluation of the well-being of the battery and the disk, the observation of the measures CPU / RAM, the progress from boot to boot.

The designer also released a conflicting graphic with Sensei and others, known as Mac OS advancement applications at a more reasonable price that costs $ 29 / year.

Features and benefits:

  • It has a Mac performance dashboard that lets you see the current state of your Mac
  • It allows you to see the partition status of your Mac because it has the Partition Map Explorer module
  • Displays detailed battery information, GPU / eGPU information, and display information

Best Mac cleaners in 2020: the best free and paid apps

Part 3: Conclusion

So you see there are a lot of Mac cleaners to choose from, but it’s always best to put your comfort and money first to choose the best Mac cleaner for you. Some of these apps have free versions, but this will not allow you to use the features of its paid version, of course.

Most of them have their main function which is to clean your Mac of course, but due to their skills, many developers have added features that other cleaners do not have.

The reason behind we have placed iMyMac Mac Cleaner as the best Mac cleaner because it allows you to use paid features up to 500MB for free.

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