8 best multiplayer games for PC of 2020

There is no better way to relax than to play our favorite multiplayer games with our friends. The best part about multiplayer games is that they are designed to provide as realistic an experience as possible. There are hundreds of multiplayer PC games from 2020 that you can play with your friends.

Surpassing a human opponent would be more fun than defeating an AI opponent. If you are keen to play multiplayer games, we have selected and listed here some of the best multiplayer games for PC of 2020.

8 best multiplayer games for PC of 2020

1. Skyforge

Skyforge is one of the best multiplayer games for PC of 2020 that puts you in the shoes of a warrior who goes on a trip to protect his homeland from invaders. There are over 17 different classes available and players have the option to switch between these classes.Skyforge

Players will have to travel through different locations to discover the mystery and secrets hidden in the city of Aelion. As the game features a multiplayer mode, players can team up with their friends and take on larger missions and challenges to complete.

2. Armored warfare

Armored Warfare is another gem among the best multiplayer PC games of 2020. The gameplay takes place in an era of the 2040s where players take control of a mercenary character who has been tasked with fighting the growing empire of other players .Armored War

Players can either engage in PvP battles or make real efforts to fight the destructible environment. To do this, players received armored vehicles such as tanks and long-range artillery. As you go through the story, you can customize and upgrade these vehicles as you wish.

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3. Civilization 6

Civilization 6 is a popular turn-based strategy game in which players compete with AI opponents to build and develop their individual civilizations. To do this, players will have to explore different locations, collect resources and train their army to fight against invaders’ attacks.Civilization 6

Along with this, players will also need to maintain diplomatic relationships with other players to increase their influence on the world. In addition, players will also have access to certain places called districts, where they can conduct research to build stronger weapons and defensive mechanisms.

4. Absolver

Absolver is a popular action thriller that puts you in the shoes of a martial artist who fights against other players to become the best fighter. Players will earn rewards for each defeated enemy they can use to upgrade their armor and weapons.Absolver

The game also features a PvP mode in which players can engage in turn-based combat against real-world players. For each battle won, players earn progression cards which will ultimately improve their skills and reward them with special abilities.

5. Dayz

Dayz is one of the best multiplayer games for PC of 2020 in which players have to make their best efforts to survive as long as they can. The main objective is to find food, clothing and shelter to survive and stay healthy after an epidemic of zombies in the city.Dayz

The game offers a multiplayer mode allowing players to team up and fight against the undead. Player interaction with each other is an important part of Dayz. To facilitate interaction, Dayz offers voice and text chat functionality.

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6. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a popular multiplayer thriller in which a battle takes place between twenty teams. Each of them has three players equipped with different weapons and abilities.Apex Legends

On the battlefield, players will have to fight each other and the last team standing will win the battle. For each battle won, you will be rewarded with money that you can use to improve your character.

7. World of Tanks

World of Tanks is one of the best multiplayer games for PC of 2020 in which players take control of a battle tank to fight against their opponents. Each of these tanks represents different nations such as America, Germany and the Soviet Union.World of tanks

The game has a multiplayer mode in which players can team up with their friends to engage in battles against real world players.

8. Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is another gem among the best multiplayer PC games of 2020. The gameplay takes place in an open world environment where two players are fighting in turn-based battles against each other.Mortal Kombat X

Each player received special abilities and weapons to fight against their opponent. Additionally, players have three different variations, each of which has a separate set of actions.


That’s it! These are the best multiplayer PC games of 2020 that you play with your friends. I hope you found our list of games useful. If you found these games fun, don’t forget to share them with your friends to let them know about these amazing games.

Did we just forget to mention a similar game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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