7 tools every blogger should have

There is so much more to the blog than to the writing. It is true that writing is a fundamental skill that all bloggers must have. However, a blog that is not shared or that readers find irrelevant, dies very quickly. That’s why the most knowledgeable bloggers use the following seven blog helpers to make sure their blog posts are read by the people who would enjoy them the most. Most importantly, many of these tools also make it easier to share blog posts, ensuring that the influence of a blog continues to grow.

1. Easy Tweet Embed

According to Social Media Examiner, Easy Tweet Embed allows your readers to easily share the content of your blog by creating predefined tweets, which you place throughout your content.

Suppose you work in the employment sector and your blog articles are focused on finding self-employment. If you’ve written a particularly memorable quote or added links to a useful tool, like Search remotely, then use Easy Tweet Embed as a way to make this quote or the job link shareable on Twitter.

Instead of making your readers copy and paste the title of your blog, as well as a shareable link, this tool saves them time. Once your readers have clicked on the “Tweet this” hyperlink, which is at the end of the quote, a box will appear on Twitter.

The box includes the quote, plus a link to your site and your Twitter ID. It is a simple and user-friendly WordPress plugin that makes your content infinitely more shareable.

2. Blog topic generator

Most bloggers understand that they need to write blog articles regularly in order to keep their readers current and attract more. However, even the most creative bloggers sometimes get the author blocked. This is where the HubSpot blog idea generator comes in handy. This tool creates many blog post ideas from a single name. All you have to do is type the name into the search box and click “Add”. A handful of blog post ideas appear in seconds.

3. Grammar

On the best days, a blog is filled with perfect grammar and syntax. Unfortunately, most days are not the best days. The point is, bloggers are human and therefore make mistakes. However, tools like Grammarly, which is a free grammar checker, detects these punctuation, spelling and grammar errors before your blog goes live.

4. Hemingway app

Impactful writing is clear and concise, free of complicated words and too many adjectives. Unfortunately, most writing does not fall into the impacting category in the first round. This is why so many bloggers love the Hemingway app.

If you have never used it, you will enjoy it. All you have to do is copy and paste your blog post into the app interface. Within seconds, the Hemingway app produces a color-coded guide for your writing.

At a glance, you will see if your sentences are too verbose, if you have used too many adverbs or if you have written in a passive voice. Being able to see these problems at a glance allows you to correct your writing quickly and efficiently.

5. BuzzSumo

Most bloggers understand that they need to build social engagement from their posts. with Buzz Sumo, they will find out which topics are relevant right now and which influencers are talking about these topics. From the information they shine from this app, they can create equally relevant blog articles to gain their own social engagement. This allows you to create content that keeps your readers in mind, which is one of the ways to keep it relevant, according to Social media today.

6. Stay focused

In short, StayFocused is an app that literally forces you to stay focused while you are work online from your home or office. Basically, the app keeps you from spending too much time on sites that are wasting your time.

For example, if you can’t stay away from social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, you can use StayFocused to prevent yourself from visiting those sites while you work. The app allows you to spend some time on these sites each day. Once your time is up, you cannot access these sites for the rest of the day.

7. Milanote

A flexible workspace for creating moodboards, storing project information and getting feedback on design concepts. Milanote is perfect for bloggers and designers working in remote teams. You can also organize things and create a visual to-do list using this tool.

Final words

The smartest bloggers use tools that make it easier to read and share their writing. The seven tools on this list help bloggers do just that: write articles that are easy to read and even easier to share.

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