5 best automatic click apps for Android of 2020

Tired of clicking multiple times on your screen while playing a game? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here in this blog post we have shared some of the best automatic click apps for Android that you can use to automate these clicks.

With these apps, you just need to select a target location on your screen and a time interval and it will start to make clicks for you. You can select any application from the list which we will discuss in this list. So let’s start exploring the best automatic click apps for Android as follows:

Best Auto Click Apps for Android of 2020

1. Automate


Automation is one of the best automatic click apps for Android of 2020 that can be used to automate multiple clicks on your screen. Just download this app and you’re ready to do anything you want to automate.

You can also use it on a non-rooted device. The best part is that it contains no advertising. You can create different blocks that will click on your behalf.

2. AnkuLua Game Automation

AnkuLua is another best automatic click app for Android of 2020 that allows you to automate various tasks while playing games. If you play such games that require repetitive clicks on the screen, you should use this tool to automate these clicks.

Apart from that, it also allows its users to perform additional tasks such as entering text, dragging and dropping an image from one place to another, etc.

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3. Automatic entry

Automatic entry

AutoInput is another best tool you can use to automate multiple tasks. The best thing about this tool is that you can even use it on an unrooted device. To let it work properly, you will need an additional tool called Tasker.

As it is a plugin, you should use it with the Tasker tool to get better and effective results. Currently, it offers its users a seven-day trial and you can take the opportunity to try their services.

4. HiroMacro


HiroMacro is one of the best automatic click apps for Android of 2020 that allows you to automate several functions on your Android device. You will need a rooted device for this application to work properly on your device.

It also allows you to record the automated functions performed on your device which you can replay if necessary. If you’re looking for a simple automation tool, then stop looking further and start using it.

5. Tapping – Auto Clicker

Tapping - Auto Clicker

Another best automatic click application for Android is Tapping, which offers you several automation functions. A great advantage of this tool is that it is roughly accurate when automating the tasks you configure there.

Apart from that, he is also able to perform additional tasks. These tasks include drag and drop, text entry, and multiple clicks.

Final words

That’s it! These are the best automatic click apps for Android of 2020 that you can use to automate various tasks on your device. I hope you found all of these tools useful. If you found them useful, share them with others. Also, if you know of other automation tools, feel free to suggest it in the comments section below.

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