5 amazing games like D&D that you should definitely play

When it comes to RPG games, D&D is the one that stands out first among the millions of RPG games available. With its stunning graphics and captivating history, it has made an impact in the entire gaming community since the 1970s. No matter how entertaining a game is, it can seem boring at some point.

Likewise, D&D can provide you with an enriching gaming experience, but sometimes it will not be possible to let the session run. But don’t worry, we have selected some of the best games like D&D that you can play in your spare time. Let’s take a look at these games like D&D here:

5 best games like D&D everyone should try once

1. Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is one of the best games like d & d recently launched in 2009 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox and macOS. The gameplay allows you to control a character that you can customize using the different classes, powers and abilities.Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Players must make real efforts to manage their kingdom while protecting it from external invaders. Throughout the gameplay, players will have to make several decisions that will ultimately affect the fate of their kingdom and their administration.

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2. Legend of the five rings

Legend of the Five Rings is a strategic management thriller in which players can control different characters. Here, players must work together and make decisions to solve problems that can be dangerous to the growth of the Kingdom.Legend of the five rings

The entire gameplay presents a fictional world enriched with an incredible amount of literature. Players must make efforts to protect their kingdom and their heritage from invaders. Of course, it won’t be easy, but you need to use your diplomatic intelligence to make it easier.

3. Xcom 2

Xcom 2 is one of the best games like d & d that takes you into the world of alien invasion. Players must take control of a commander who has been tasked with guiding his force to fight the aliens. Your main objective is to eliminate the alien population from around the world.Xcom 2

The game also offers a multiplayer mode in which players can fight against each other by forming their teams. There are a bunch of missions available while most of them are timed, requiring a player to complete them within the specified time.

4. World of darkness

Who would have thought that playing a villain character would one day become a reality? But, there are hundreds of games that allow you to do this. World of Darkness is one of those titles in which players can take control of an anti-hero character.World of darkness

Initially, players start out as humans but turn out to be a vampire whose main objective would be to kill humans, suck their blood and cause as much destruction as possible. The entire city has several areas where players can meet and greet each other and also engage in combat against their enemies.

5. Call from Cthulu

Call of Cthulu is one of the best games like d & d that puts you in the shoes of a detective. As a detective, players must make a real effort to investigate the case of the Hawkins family who mysteriously died in a fire. You must travel to Darkwater Island to learn more about the issue.Cthulu call

As you explore, you will meet several people giving you information about the Hawkins family. All these clues will allow you to resolve the case as quickly as possible. For each quest completed, players will receive rewards that they can use to advance the story.

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Final words

Well, these are the best d & d games you can play right now. All of these games have enough content to provide you with a rewarding gaming experience. I hope you found them all interesting to play. If you liked our list, share it with your friends, family and loved ones.

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