10 best Pokemon fan games of 2020

Since memorable time, Pokemon has managed to deliver consistent but addictive games that have impacted the minds of many in the gaming community. No matter how entertaining a game is, it will get overwhelming at some point.

If you’re tired of playing the old fashioned way and looking for something new, then we’ve handpicked and put together a list of the best pokemon fan games of 2020 offering addictive and engaging gameplay enough to keep you hung on your device screen for hours.

The best Pokemon fan games of 2020

1. Pokemon Prism

the Pokemon Prism is one of the best pokemon fan games of 2020 taking place in the Naljo area. The gameplay begins when you take control of the son of a famous dragon trainer. He goes on a trip with a minicart and suddenly the minecart loses control.Pokemon Prism

Ultimately, it lands on an old runway that is in the Najlo area. The real fun begins when you cross obstacles to collect different badges and Pokémon species. Each pokemon creature captured will reward you with bonus money that you can use to unlock multiple in-game boosters.

2. Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn is another hidden gem among the best Pokemon fan games of 2020. The gameplay takes you to a renown city where evil spirits have taken control to rule the whole city. You must play the role of a trainer and work with other trainers to prevent the evil organization from ruling the city.Pokemon Reborn

There are over 18 different gym spots that are used on the battlefield. You can fight against multiple species of pokemon and defeat them to earn rewards. These battlefields can also be changed for certain specific Pokemon species at any time.

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3. Pokemon Ash Gray

Pokemon Ash Gray is one of the best pokemon fan games that actually looks like the story of the Pokemon series. The gameplay allows you to play the role of Ash, a trainer who goes on a trip to capture different species of pokémons. During the journey, you will meet several friends and enemies whom you must defeat to progress further.Pokemon Ash Gray

For each battle won, you will receive rewards which can then be used to unlock powerful pokeballs in order to capture stronger pokemon creatures. It all starts with an empty bag and you have to make your return with the best species of pokemon available.

4. PokeMMO

PokeMMO is another best gem among the best pokemon fan games of 2020 that lets you control a protagonist, a trainer who fights against other trainers for dominance. The game offers three different regions to explore and offers hundreds of different creatures.PokeMMO

You can join any combat server to engage in multiplayer combat against players around the world. In addition to the traditional gameplay, it offers mini-puzzles that you can solve to earn money which can also be used to unlock stronger pokemon creatures.

5. Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Pokemon Phoenix Rising is one of the best pokemon fan games of 2020 that takes you to an area controlled by a cruel king. Players must control one of the coaches who have been tasked with finding the legendary Ho-oh to save the world from further destruction.Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Throughout the journey, you will have to make several decisions leading to a different outcome and experience each time. The game also offers a quest system that rewards each player based on the benefits they have. Phoenix Rising has several new cities with tons of different stories enough to keep you occupied for hours.

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6. Pokemon Uranium

Pokemon Uranium is one of the best games of pokemon fans whose gameplay allows you to control a protagonist whose mother died in a nuclear explosion.Pokemon Uranium

Players must clear multiple obstacles to earn badges and more than 150 different pokemon creatures. With each pokemon captured, your level will improve and ultimately help you progress further.

7. Pokemon 3D

Pokemon 3D is another hidden gem among the best pokemon fan games of 2020. The gameplay allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a trainer who goes on a journey to fight against other trainers from different regions of the world.Pokemon 3D

There are more than hundreds of different pokemon species available that you can control while performing combat moves and sequences.

8. Pokemon Godra

Pokemon Godra is one of the best fan-created thrillers that focuses primarily on developing the character of the trainer rather than pokemon creatures.Pokemon Godra

Initially, you must choose from the hundreds of different trainers available. You can be and perform the duties of maid, gardener, army general, etc.

9. Pokemon Empyrean

Pokemon Empyrean is a popular fan-pokemon game that takes you to an area dominated by evil powers. You must play the role of a warrior fighting against evil spirits to end their domination over his motherland.Pokemon Empyrean

Your father is also in captivity of your enemy. All you would have to do is just be a brave trainer to beat more than 8 different gym spots running through you.

10. Pokemon Showdown

Pokemon Showdown is a role playing combat thriller where you create a team of pokemon creatures to fight against coaches from different parts of the world.Pokemon Showdown

There are more than a dozen different game modes and you can choose from them to have the best possible gaming experience. Ultimately, the player with the highest score wins the game.


Well, these are the best pokemon fan games of 2020 combined with a great mix of role-playing elements. We hope you really enjoyed our list of the best Pokemon fan games. So what are you waiting for? Go, check and start playing these games to have the best gaming experience possible.

Did we forget to mention game titles? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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